Boundary Surveyor

Are you considering a property for purchase? Are you looking to subdivide a parcel of land you own? Are you looking to make any other kind of upgrade to a land where construction is about to begin? Consider hiring a professional, reliable and expert boundary surveyor from CitiSurv Surveyors Sydney. We offer boundary surveys across NSW and Australia.

Importance of Boundary Surveys

boundary surveyorA boundary survey is a crucial part of the Torrens Title System in Australia, which provides guarantees on all properties. This arrangement gives the owner of the land security when engaging in any sort of property deals.

When you are looking to develop a property offering limited guarantee, you will have to get the boundary defined before any construction or development can be approved. This protects not only your land rights, but also of those adjoining your property.

That’s where the services of a highly skilled boundary surveyor come really handy.

How We Can Help

  • A boundary surveyor from CitiSurv can help you in any of the following situations.
  • In case of boundary disputes
  • Before installing retaining walls or fencing
  • When you want to ensure the exact positioning of a proposed structure before the build work commences
  • Land consolidation or subdivision
  • When you want to create an Easement Plan such as Easement to Drain Water
  • In cases where it becomes necessary to define the accurate position of natural boundaries
  • When a property is under a Limited Title or the Old System

Trusted Boundary Surveyor

Protect your investment with highly reliable and expert boundary surveying services from CitiSurv. Our team of registered surveyors can deliver fast, efficient and complete solution to make sure your investment stays protected at all times.

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