Land Surveying Services

What Kind of Land Survey Do I Need?

A land survey is crucial to determine the exact boundaries of the property. Be it a commercial, industrial, residential or an agricultural land, a survey gives key insights into the property geography and existing features, which are important to make a decision on boundary lines and building permits and prevent or resolve boundary disputes.

Land surveying can be a complex job, especially if the land in question, dates back to decades or centuries. With a total experience of 50+ years in land surveying services, Citisurv Pty Ltd can be your best partner in offering expert advice on the type of survey that would be right for your land, no matter how old or new it is.

Our land surveying services employ the latest equipment to deliver the most accurate and reliable results for you. Our land surveyors take regular training and attend workshops in latest survey practices to provide accurate land surveying services for a range of clients, from individuals to large corporate houses and government bodies.

The type of land survey depends on your survey objective, and can be any of the following:

CitiSurv Land Surveying Services

Boundary Survey

This survey determines the boundaries of a parcel of land. Recorded markers are taken into account, and new markers are created, to pinpoint exact land boundaries. The process involves identifying boundaries and defining them physically through undamageable and unchangeable markers.

Presence of encroachments and their extent, easements, and restrictions, are also determined during this process.

If your objective is to strictly pinpoint boundaries, or determine exact boundary locations to undertake a construction near them, then this survey is applicable.

Topographic Survey

This survey points out naturally-occurring and man-made features on a plot. Features include, but are not limited to, buildings, elevations, trees, walls, sheds, and fencing structures. These features are presented as contour lines in the survey report.

This survey is usually requested by municipal bodies and other government entities. Construction engineers looking to make enhancements to properties also have a need for topographic survey plans.

Subdivision Survey

This survey is required for lands with smaller sub-divisions such as lots, and is usually undertaken when features such as streets and drainages need to be added.

Mortgage Survey

This survey is undertaken by title companies, and lending entities providing financial support to a project. This survey identifies boundaries of a parcel of land and pinpoints building locations therein.

The purpose of this survey is to ensure that the land is free of encroachments, and that existing constructions on the land comply with required building regulations.

Right-of-Way Survey

This survey is used to identify boundaries for public constructions such as highways and utility service transmissions.

A reliable land survey is always a wise decision as it helps prevent any errors during construction. For reliable and affordable land survey services, call Citisurv Land Surveyors today on 02 9647 1142.