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Renovating an Old Home? Start with a Land Survey

A licensed land surveyor is just the professional expert you need when you are thinking of renovating an old home. Accurate land survey results are required for comparing how the new plan is different from the old one. Ensuring compliance with original building plans as well as regulatory authorities becomes easier when you call one of our licensed land surveyors to do the job for you.

Renovating an old home does not always mean demolishing it completely. You might want to conserve a part of it while you refurbish the others. But how do you know which part of your home is more vulnerable than the rest of the existing structure?

You need to start with a land survey to help you get the exact site data. As licensed surveyors, we can help you with the most professional and reliable land survey using the latest technology and equipment.

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Land Survey Before an Old House Renovation

As expert land surveyors, we are often approached by owners of Victorian-style houses for survey services. From areas that are difficult to access to determining how restoration can help the new construction, we are constantly striving to give the most accurate land survey reports.

When it comes to old properties, homeowners are sometimes keen on retaining specific areas or walls of the old construction. If you are thinking along these lines, you can discuss what you need with our team. We can tell you the feasibility of retaining the old walls or floors or making changes to suit modern aesthetics.

Benefits of Land Surveys

It is always beneficial to get a land survey done before you start with the home renovation process. It makes it easier to know if you can include that fence construction you always wanted or that swimming pool your family wants to construct.

Going ahead with a renovation without first ascertaining the legality of construction, for example, in case of a fence, can lead to unnecessary disputes and arguments. It is always better you call us to determine if you can go ahead with the construction work you wish to do.

Building Permits

While all renovation work may not require building permits, there are certain constructions that need legal work done. If your builder does not comply with local regulations, tearing down and rebuilding of the complete or partial property, the building of a garage or shed, and renovations near easements can land you in trouble. Get in touch with us today to know how you can go for a no-worries home renovation.

Licensed Land Surveyor Sydney Service

CitiSurv Land Surveyors have over 50 years of combined experience in all areas of surveying. At CitiSurv, our team of experienced and licensed land surveyors brings together their diverse knowledge to offer you premium surveying services. 


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