Strata Development

Why a Land Survey for New Strata Development is Important

Whenever it is time to rebuild an existing real property, it becomes imperative to conduct a strata development land survey. After all, it is not just about demolishing an old structure and building a new one in its place.

When you are thinking of strata development, you are considering additions, new layouts, new shapes and new interior decor and new exterior aesthetics. A land survey, therefore, becomes extremely important to determine if you can bring about the changes you want.

As licensed land surveyors who have been in this business for many years, we can tell you why new strata property development needs good research before you begin any work.

CitiSurv Land Surveyors & Strata Development ServicesAdding Features to an Existing Apartment

Are you looking to expand an existing building or apartment? You will need a land survey to determine the following:

  • Property line boundaries – this is important in order to avoid disputes at a later stage
  • Project scope – you will need to check as to what extent you can make changes to the existing property.
  • Planning the shape, size and layout of the new property.

Our team of qualified surveyors will study the topography, the terrain, the sewage systems and other important aspects of the layout. A complete feasibility report is prepared to help you understand how best you can modify your existing apartment.

Purchasing an Apartment

If you are an investor looking to buy an existing apartment, land survey services will be extremely beneficial to you.

From checking the building location, potential developments in the area to possible legal issues in the structure and location, our land surveyor team can put together all the minute details. In simple words, we can tell you the past, present and future performance of the property you are looking to buy.

Flood Risk Assessment

It is critical to assess the level of risk of flooding for a new construction. Our team of engineers can simplify information about land elevation and sewage systems that you must understand before you begin any construction work.

Strate Development Services

We make sure our land survey report includes all the nitty-gritty details you will need to begin your new construction work. We make sure we cover everything and nothing is left to chance. Call us for a discussion as soon as you are ready to start your property construction or renovation.

CitiSurv Land Surveyors have over 50 years combined experience in all areas of surveying. Give us a call today on 02 9647 1142 for more about our strata development services.

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