Strata Plan & Strata Subdivision

What is a Strata Plan?

Strata is a term native to the Property Law in Australia. In essence, strata refer to a multi-level building. The strata system of property ownership was introduced in New South Wales 50 years ago.

Today, Australia has several thousand properties based on the strata-based model of ownership. Properties that can fall under the strata model include residential, commercial, hybrid (residential and commercial use), resorts, and serviced apartments.

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Understanding What a Strata Plan Is

Strata refer to a multi-level building or collection of buildings. Strata plans can be somewhat difficult to understand, but two main elements go into them:

  • Strata scheme – strata schemes refer to buildings or groups of buildings divided into lots. These lots can be anything from individual apartments, houses, or townhouses. Someone buying a unit or lot is the owner of that specific part of the strata scheme, and they share have shared ownership of the common areas with other occupants;
  • Strata plan – also called the strata plan of subdivision. This is a description of the strata scheme that includes all the details about it, from information about individual lots as well as outlines about the common property, from the ground level up.

Today, it’s common to also come across other terms such as ‘Dual Occupancy’ which refers to building two or more properties on the same land

What’s Included in a Strata Plan?

These are the main components of a strata plan:

  • Location plan: outlines where the properties are based, as well as defining the nearby properties
  • Floor plan: this will define the individual strata lots and their boundaries
  • Common areas: these are shared properties, such as car parking areas where all owners of individual strata lots can access

A registered strata plan contains the following elements:

  • Name of the strata scheme
  • Registered address of the strata scheme
  • Number of the strata plan
  • Registration date of the strata scheme – date on which the scheme was submitted for registration
  • Date of examination of the strata scheme by the registration authority
  • Actual date of registration
  • A confirmation of stipulation of by-laws, if any, for the strata scheme. By-laws refer to rules that owners and tenants residing in the strata scheme, need to abide by.
  • Details of Lot volume
  • Approval seal containing the date and sign from the office of the approving government body

What Happens Once a Strata Plan Is Registered?

Usually, strata will be registered once the development process for the building is complete. The entire strata plan is a registered document that will be part of public records. From this moment, all common property stays with the Owners Corporation, a body corporate that can be represented by individual owners of the units of even the developers.

A strata certificate of title is usually first owned by the development company that put the units for sale, and then the titled subdivisions can be transferred to the new owners.

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How Can CitiSurv Pty Ltd Help?

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Here are a few common reasons why you need our professional services:

  • Strata subdivision
  • Community Title development
  • Strata plan development
  • Identifying nearby buildings and land improvement opportunities
  • Improve environmental planning

Knowing how the strata system works is essential to your current project management efforts, and we highly recommend you reach out to us to access our professional services for additional support.

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