Boundary Survey NSW

The most important aspect of property ownership is the ability to define boundaries. Whether it’s commercial or private property, ownership disputes can arise where there are no clear boundaries. However, we at CitiSurv Pty Ltd are determined to bring this trend to an end.

Our fully certified, licensed, and registered surveyors bring together a mix of knowledge and expertise, enabling us to identify and measure property land boundaries with top accuracy. We work with architects, property developers, engineers, and homeowners looking for surveying services in New South Wales and the larger Australia.

Why is Boundary Survey Important?

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Land surveying is an essential part of the Torrens Title certification in Australia that records and registers land ownership. This system offers property owners a form of security when handling any land deals. 

Perhaps you want to purchase a parcel of land, split the land you own, or develop a property, but you have a limited guarantee. In this case, you’ll require boundary marking before any development or construction can be permitted. This helps keep your land rights and protect everyone else involved in adjoining the property.

At CitiSurv, we will help you achieve all that at a pocket-friendly budget. Besides scrutinising the historical records of your piece of land, we will mark, measure, and map the boundary lines to set the limits. We’ll also advise on any arising boundary disputes. Our ultimate goal is to meet and even exceed your expectations. 

What to Expect from Us

As licensed land surveyors in NSW, CitiSurv offers a wide range of land surveying services. We’re committed to providing excellent services using advanced equipment and the latest technology. Some of the benefits you can expect from our NSW surveyors include:

  • In case there are any boundary disputes, our licenced surveyors can give you advice.
  • We conduct registry research to discover information about the property deeds and create natural boundaries.
  • Whether you want to know where your property lies or fix boundary issues with neighbours, our experts can help address the concerns.
  • We mark the land before you plunge into construction if you’re planning for major property improvements. 
  • When you want to sell a portion of your land, we will prepare a site survey plan along with a legal description of the property to help finalise the transaction.
  • If your property is registered under the old system or has a limited title, we provide detailed services to ensure the necessary upgrades.
  • We’ll help when splitting or consolidating your land.
  • You also need a land surveyor before you can install walls or fences.

Get a Trusted Boundary Surveyor in NSW

Boundary disputes should be evaded at all costs, and the ultimate solution is by seeking the services of a professional land surveyor Sydney. If you are in need of services relating to survey in NSW, CitiSurv have a team of land surveying experts who will provide you with the most accurate and reliable boundary surveying services in Australia. Please contact us today to get the most efficient land survey solutions to ensure your investment is fully protected.