DA Survey

Want to subdivide? Not sure if your development would be feasible? In need of council development approval?

da surveyCouncil regulations may seem challenging, and most of the times call for expertise from qualified DA survey consultants. CitiSurv can prepare and file Development Applications (DA) for land subdivisions while complying with council Local Environmental Policy (LEP).

We can also help you determine if the project is feasible. With a team of ecologists, structural engineers, civil engineers, bushfire consultants and traffic specialists we can help you make the right decision.

Why a Development Application

A DA may be necessary when you are looking for subdivision, strata subdivision, boundary consolidation, rezoning or boundary realignment among others.

Council Approval

When it comes to planning requirements, each council has a different set of regulations. Our expert DA survey team is well acquainted with the various regulations and formats for councils in Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and many others.

We Guide You All The Way

Our DA survey team is with you all the way of the process. We will meet with you before the DA to understand your requirements and discuss the way forward. We will then submit concept drawings, provide consultant reports and prepare all the documents necessary for successful approval of the application.

We will constantly liaise with the respective Council until the DA is approved.

As members of the Professional Surveyors Occupational Association, and with years of experience as DA survey specialists, CitiSurv is a partner of choice for successful DA approvals.

No Obligation Quote

We are happy to offer a no-obligation, fee proposal in the writing for a development application survey. One of our DA survey experts will meet with you to inspect the site for a free consultation and quote. Contact CitiSurv Land Surveyors Sydney today to request a quote or fill the form below.