Level Survey

A level survey is a crucial first step in a Planning and Building Application. The experienced survey team at CitiSurv will map all the existing features and improvements on a site. With this crucial data at hand, our professional & licensed land surveyors team will create an accurate and precise visual plan.

What Does A Feature And Level Survey Show?

level surveyA level survey includes detailed information about the land, the adjoining properties, and features in the street such as ground level, fences, contour surveys, adjoining structures, existing structures, utility services, fences, trees and drains.

Each of these aspects affect the design, construction, development and subdivision. Hence, it is important to have a feature and level survey done by experienced experts to ensure your first step is in the right direction.

Trusted Experts

We deliver the most accurate and precise level surveys. Every survey we carry includes accurate information about spot levels, bottom and top of banks, location of flow paths, and the position of adjoining buildings.

With an accurate level survey at hand, you can assess the extent of cut and fill required, how high retaining walls need to be and the height of the finished building.

Why Choose Us

  • Years of experience in feature and level surveys
  • All surveys are carried out as per the Australian Height Datum (AHD) in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Accurate¬†data
  • Surveys delivered in multiple formats including Auto CAD, PDF and hard copy
  • Every little detail is taken note of to help with your development

A topographical survey is a crucial step you must take before you can develop your property.

With a reliable detail survey to go by, planning your land development becomes a breeze.

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